My First Jam Jar

At my we get you on the road as soon as you’ve passed your test for a fixed monthly sum, no ifs, no buts..... other than the usual T&Cs; oh, and you will need a Guarantor.

New Driver?

Looking for your first car?

Finding it hard to source the right Car at the right price? Can’t find insurance for a realistic annual premium?

..... And then how do you pay for it?

WARNING! DON'T buy any old banger and think you can drive uninsured. It's against the Law and "It's not only your life"!

At MyFirstJamJar we make it easy and affordable to drive a proper maintained and insured car by spreading the costs over 3 years. You own the car outright when you sign up, but you will require a guarantor for the loan repayments; a good friend or relative who knows and trusts you will usually agree. So what do you get?

  1. Quality assured (AA inspected) car from stock; pick one, view it and drive away! (subject to T&Cs)
  2. Pre-owned, fully serviced, taxed and insured car with - all new brake pads, tyres and exhaust on delivery – plus an insurance warranty on major parts failure (time and mileage restrictions apply)
  3. Includes FULLY COMPREHENSIVE insurance for the first 2 years
  4. Road side assistance included for the first 2 years
  5. Major parts warranty and planned maintenance included (subject to annual maximum mileage of 10,000 miles pa.) for the first 2 years
  6. NO deposit; NO large final payment or balloon at the end of the agreement.
  7. The car belongs to you the day you sign; no complicated lease, HP or bill of sale!
  8. All planned costs are fixed and included for the first 2 years; you insure and maintain the car year 3 onwards with your preferred service providers and at your cost
  9. We finance the car (and all planned costs for the first 2 years) for a FIXED monthly price of £249 per month payable over 36 months using a regulated Fixed Term Loan Agreement (CCA – 2006 and FCA Regulated)
  10. You can terminate the agreement at any time, but you will need to pay the balance of your loan, less an interest rebate calculated at the time of termination. You will still own the car and personally have the benefits of the first 2 years prepaid running costs.
  11. We are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to provide you with Consumer Credit
  12. Representative APR 9.9%
Representative example: A fully serviced Fiat 500 sold outright on signing the FTLA and including for the FIRST 2 YEARS prepaid, fully comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance, planned maintenance, RFL and major parts warranty - on the road price - £8500; payable by 36 payments of £249 pcm Fixed. APR 9.9% Annual rate of interest 9.9%